One of the first things you’ll notice in LA is the sheer number of donut shops on every block. But these abundant gems aren’t your run-of-the-mill donut chains. LA thrives on a diverse community of independent small business owners and locals clearly can’t get enough of these indie brands. We’ve rounded up our top six places that are deliciously radiating LA’s vintage vibes that will be the perfect backdrop to your shameless morning selfie and an unforgettable start to an indulgent cheat day. Donuts are the perfect way to grab a fast, flavorful, and affordable snack from a verified mom-and-pop shop without the hassle that you typically encounter with trying to get a table at one trendy brunch spots. Parking is a big deal here in the big city and these donut shops make it oh-so-easy to stop in, grab a bite, and go on your way in under ten minutes.

If you’re in LA for a work related event or meeting you should know that it’s customary in the business culture here to bring a snack for the entire team of the company you’re meeting with. At just over a dollar a piece, perhaps this is why there’s a donut shop on every corner? In any case, do not forget the goods or else you’ll be forgotten. 😉


“California Donuts is like the Frida Khalo of the donut world.”


No 1. Miss Donuts

★★★★ – Classic Glazed

Let’s get real here. Nothing is better than a simple glazed donut and the ones at Miss Donuts are perfection. These glazed donuts will redefine your expectations with their ideal amount of glaze, light fluffiness, and addicting flavor. It’s rare to find donuts fried to such perfection that the container they’re held in is completely free from oil seepage.  Miss Donuts’ ham and cheese bagel and croissant sandwiches are SO good it’s almost a crime they’re so affordable. I often find myself grabbing a couple to-go and throwing them in the fridge when I get home. They’re just as delicious fresh as they are reheated in a toaster oven the next day. I’m puzzled how they keep the bread from getting soggy overnight but it never is. I don’t know what kind of cheese it is but it’s the most flavorful cheese I’ve ever had on a sandwich. This little shop seems to have the glazed donut and breakfast sandwiches down to a science. You can’t miss it with its cherry red sign, yellow bricks, and its powder pink booths on the interior. It’s just so darn cute!

“Perfect for when you DONUT know what to do for breakfast.”


No 3. Randy’s Donuts

★★★★ – The Kid in You

With an iconic massive donut as their sign, Randy’s Donuts is an absolute beacon perfectly positioned at a busy intersection corner lot. The kid in you will fall in love with the flavors like fruity pebble, froot loop, m&m, smores, mint chip, and Samoa.

No 4. Doughnut Hut

★★★★ – Oh So Fresh

If you’re around the Burbank area and have some cash in your pocket you must make it out to Doughnut Hut. These donuts are the freshest in town all hours of the day according to dozens of Yelp reviews. The red, peach, and yellow color scheme of the building and, outdoor seating, and logo has our eyes in such a retro daze. Then there’s the adorable tiny polka dotted donut boxes with perfectly contrasted logo in a 70s font that transports us back to the screen printed vintage California posters. It’s a full body experience really.

“Ms. Donuts has one of the largest assortments of baked goods we’ve ever seen.”


No 5. Ms Donuts

Ms Donut – Photo Jeff B. Yelp★★★★ – Hipster Hood

With rapid gentrification in the area we pray that this beloved mom and pop donut oasis never changes. Would you believe me if I told you that a single donut is less than $1? Ms. Donuts has one of the largest assortments of baked goods we’ve seen anywhere in LA. They’re so many varieties of donuts, cake donuts, muffins, pastries, breakfast sandwiches, and filled croissants that we’ve lost count. Plus, at $9 for a dozen donuts you could actually afford to come here every day and still not try the same two things in two months time. We just adore the eclectic sign and goldenrod yellow pops of color! Never change Ms. Donuts.

IMG_20180602_163934 (1)

No 6. Michelle’s Donuts

★★★★ – East Hollywood Style

For those of you that aren’t familiar with LA, much of East Hollywood has a ‘rough around the edges’ vibe which makes East and West Hollywood feel like two totally different cities. Michelle’s is a classic mom and pop donut house with an adorably eye-catching style in the midst of a more grungy street. Overall, the donuts are quite delicious with a bit of a heavier glaze than the other places we’ve tried. The interior powder pink boots and yellowed vintage menus adorning the walls teleport you to a totally different era.